Sunday, 5 April 2009

Whats the best fashion mag?

Well hello i have retured. I dont read much but if i do its either on the computer or magazines... ive been thinking about what is actually my favourite fashion magazine. hummmm

Idealy to be honest im more interested in looking at pictures of male fashion as im a male myself. when ever im at a train station and wanting to kill time i find myself in a WHS scanning my eyes over the usual.. ID, DAZED, Attitude and GQ. Although im beginning to find these are all becoming too similar their editorials should be more unique! Id make a point of going into Borders just to look at the magazines that are only sold there. now they are interesting. I think what makes a good magazine is A) a cool name B) decent and unique editorials C) HOT MODELS!

... And come on, Vogue is just boring.

So to answer my own question. i cant actually pinpoint my favourite fashmag becuase its always changing. Do you think the same thing?


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