Sunday, 5 April 2009

sick of those raccoon eyes???

As a makeup artist I always get asked what the best eyeliner is ......... how do I prevent those raccoon eyes?? Well I get given makeup left right and centure (yes lucky me) and last year the lovely people at urban decay gave me some of there 24/7 eyeliners to try out...... from that point on I have been sold. I feel in love with ZERO its BLACK BLACK BLACK and dose what it says on the pack hehehe ... stays put for 24 hrs.

Go do smudge test .......

Colors available:
15 Delicious colors to choose from:
1999- Plum
baked-bold bronze
Bourbon-brown with gold glitter
Covet-Peacook green
Deviant- bold blue
Dime- metallic silver
Electric-bright aquamarine
Gunmetal-silver with silver glitter
Honey-24K gold
Lucky-deep copper
Lust-deep purple with silver glitter
Rockstar-deep eggplant Stash-dark green/gold
Yeyo-metallic white
Zero-deep black

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