Wednesday, 15 April 2009

uh ohhhhh

Been a little absent minded the last few days ...... will update you all with the crazy crazy stories when I get my head round them my self!!!!! Comp winner will be up at midnight 2moz!!!!!!

ps: i have been playing with the cutest puppy all day long funny how you can fall in love so quickly!


Thursday, 9 April 2009

weirdest thing ever seen in the paper.

is it everyday you read about something like this?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Photographer of the week!

Our favourite photographer this week is a friend of mine. Vincent De Bon. From Belgium and France he is v talented in the photoshop world.. take a look at his website and look at some of his cool creative work!

Also a big thanks for creating the Blonde & Twiggy logo picture. It took him ages. hehe.

Thanks mate and all the best!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Blonde & Twiggy hit the town!

After a follow up from Blondes older blog post

tonight we will be heading over to Boujis Nighclub and putting it to the test!

Pictures to follow! x


"So what you got a crew ..... I got a crew to"

They mite not be street but this band have got a lot of street cred.......
There best buddies with the king of EMOs MR Pete Wentz and have appropriately named there new song.......

"Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous"

This is taken from Cobra Starships upcoming 3rd album and im sure its gonna be a SMASH (if daddy wentz has anything to do with it)

This is what im listen to on these lovely sunny days in London with the top down on my imaginary beemer and the volume turned up high :P

Blonde x

back to the 50's

classic style

... Well for mens hairstyles anyway...
I have started to notice on castings this hairstyle is becoming common esp with us Model types.
Although I don't like common darling.........
I think i mite be sporting a short on back and sides and long on top very soon.

A twiggy fashion tip - this style looks best on tall slim guys.
with a really TIGHT pair skinny jeans and some rocking boots think all saints ;)

(Bringing it kicking and screaming into the noughties)

Twiggy X

Monday, 6 April 2009

competition TIME!!!! jem and the holograms

Not that we are trying to buy your friendship or anything (NOOO)

But every week we are gonna have regular blog spots including COMPETITION BLOGS!!!!
This week the goodies are coming from ME!!! so of course there gonna be make up related. The winner of this ever so glam competition will get there grabby hands on £50 worth of Make up.
4 MAC products and one of those 24/7 eyeliners that I was banging on about earlier this week .

We Don't give away the cheap shit.

I have it all waiting to JIFF UP and put in the safe hands of royal mail ...................

It don't matter where in the world you are but of course there is always a catch .... to enter the competition you must become a follower of our blog ........

So here is what you have to dooooooooo Watch the above video clip of the uber awesome jem and the holograms and send us a picture of your JEM inspired makeup look. FUN FUN FUN
The winner will be announced on the blog next week so go have some creative fun x

Get those entries in to


i poke her face - kid cudi ft kanye west & common

Sorry Perez we caught on to the Lady GAGA acoustic offerings way back when ..... a couple of months ago when she played a Private session at her label head office in London. . . . . so MLUR to you!!!!

Click on the ugly looking link above to hear the KID CUDI,KANYE WEST AND COMMON acoustic version of poker face ..... that they have wittily name (I POKE HER FACE) ha

Blond x

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Blonde Of The Week .....Fashion Spotlight (Taylor Momsen)

From her rock chick chic style that is lighting up the catwalk to her designer therds worn on the set of gossip girl ...... Taylor Momsen is one stylish Blonde At The Ripe Young Age of 12 ohhhhh sorry .... um 15 she really knows how to turn heads keep your eyes peeled for her cos I think we mite be seeing a lot more of what Taylor has to offer in the very near future ;p
Blonde & Twiggy Give Her The Thumbs Up........ we are especially loving the Gold Missomi Trapeze Dress teamed up with a black leather biker jacket in this picture ROCK ON!!!!

Blonde x

You know you have to much money when.......

x Blonde x


For those of you who a) are fans of Zac Efron and b) havent seen the pictures for this months Interview magazine. Then get a load of these.
I was shocked when Blonde told me that Zac had done a shoot which didnt involve being in geeky clothes and smiling for the camera for some silly promotion for High school musical.

Make what you want of it but its nice to see he is finally "Breaking Free" :)

And i think he makes a nice little fashion model if i must say so myself! :P

Does being "Beautiful" mean more success in life?

I got into a heated noooo scorching debate with my dear friend in the ever so pretentious but slightly alluring hawley arms today.......

I said that usually being "really really good looking" will bring a higher chance of success in life maybe I have this opinion because my whole life is kinda surrounded by superficial beauty...... I see money splashed around at young dirty pretty things all the time.

She argued and said, it is 50/50 and that some people are hindered by being really really good looking ;p ha

my argument although kinda shallow is that if you are " really really good looking"

people are nicer to you
people do you favors
you get served faster
you get taxis faster.
Better Jobs
Dont have to wait in line
Get in to clubs for free
get free drinks
free tables
the list goes on
You're more likely to get married to other good looking people, have good looking kids,
and all that shizz.....
Its like survival of the fittest. . . . i mean you would not chose a bruised fruit in tesco???
Come on would you?

Her points include,

unwanted sexual tension
jealous backstabbing
Getting taken less serious
potential suitors getting intimidated

I say that the above is just bad luck and comes with the territory of being really really good looking (is that pissing you off)

I have decided to put this factor to the test...... I am not one of these "really really good looking people"
But I like to think i have a little bit of talent a little bit of wit and some charm to go along with it :)

But Twiggy of course missed the ugly stick when he fell out of the tree and was blessed with good looks (but no brains) (JOKES)

This week we are both gonna do the same things go to the same clubs and see who can get more Free SHIT ..... im gonna use WIT and he is gonna use what the good lord gave him....... BOTTY

So stayed tuned next week for the update.

Blonde x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

lovely thong

its not a thong.. :S maybe its just the way shes sitting lol

We present model of the week

Every week the Blonde and Twiggy blog is going to be having a Model of the Week.
This week is my choise

Name: Cameron Wilson
From: Toronto
Age: 19

This dood we met on a photoshoot in London and he is crazy!
(We love Cameron and his sexy ass)

sick of those raccoon eyes???

As a makeup artist I always get asked what the best eyeliner is ......... how do I prevent those raccoon eyes?? Well I get given makeup left right and centure (yes lucky me) and last year the lovely people at urban decay gave me some of there 24/7 eyeliners to try out...... from that point on I have been sold. I feel in love with ZERO its BLACK BLACK BLACK and dose what it says on the pack hehehe ... stays put for 24 hrs.

Go do smudge test .......

Colors available:
15 Delicious colors to choose from:
1999- Plum
baked-bold bronze
Bourbon-brown with gold glitter
Covet-Peacook green
Deviant- bold blue
Dime- metallic silver
Electric-bright aquamarine
Gunmetal-silver with silver glitter
Honey-24K gold
Lucky-deep copper
Lust-deep purple with silver glitter
Rockstar-deep eggplant Stash-dark green/gold
Yeyo-metallic white
Zero-deep black

for all the DUBSTEP fans

came across this good dubstep mix. Song by Adele - hometown glory
forward to middle of song. twiggy likes it!

This band is MINT!!!

Haha jokes (I don't waste my time with lesbians) ;p

yes to everything??

We went to see this film a few months back and found it great. If you havent seen it the basic message is to say YES to everything. The thing is people actually go to these 'Yes' meetings and do it for real. But what would happen if we actually said YES to everything? could you imagine. I think the message is true in a way. dont you think? sometimes doing things that you would normally turn down usually turn out great and sometimes the things in life you think will be great are just.. well not as great as you thought =]

DRAMA magazine. A friend of ours.

Now this is what you can call a good and unique fashion magazine. Its DRAMA. And we love it!
Owned by the Amazing Ram Shergill
who blonde and I have worked with, on numerous occasions.. WE just cant get enough of it.
check out the website and if you have an iphone/ipodtouch then go get it. we promise you wont be dissapointed. And plus you can see ME in it!!!! hahah
oh yeah and Blondes fabulous makeup!

We will be following this one and keeping in on all the Drama!

(We love Ram)

for those of you who havent seen it!

a funny one to watch... jeez id be scared i shout all the time!. wouldn't you Blonde?

Smoking HOT Lashes.........

Smoky Lash, the latest innovation from our wonderful friends at Make Up Forever (No Twiggy this dose not mean it never comes off) ;p
It gives volume, length and curl and is the blackest black you are ever gonna see on the market!
It also has treatment rich ingredients... SOOOOO its good for your lashes Girls ..... oh sorry and Guys.
We have herd every brand bang on about how there mascara will change your life but trust me this mascara will!!!!

So chuck you glue gunging fake lashes aside and invest in this baby I'm not leaving home without it....... make sure you don't!

Blonde x

Whats the best fashion mag?

Well hello i have retured. I dont read much but if i do its either on the computer or magazines... ive been thinking about what is actually my favourite fashion magazine. hummmm

Idealy to be honest im more interested in looking at pictures of male fashion as im a male myself. when ever im at a train station and wanting to kill time i find myself in a WHS scanning my eyes over the usual.. ID, DAZED, Attitude and GQ. Although im beginning to find these are all becoming too similar their editorials should be more unique! Id make a point of going into Borders just to look at the magazines that are only sold there. now they are interesting. I think what makes a good magazine is A) a cool name B) decent and unique editorials C) HOT MODELS!

... And come on, Vogue is just boring.

So to answer my own question. i cant actually pinpoint my favourite fashmag becuase its always changing. Do you think the same thing?


a bit OTT for fashion?

I'ts not just me and Blonde that think sometimes fashion is taken a little bit too far.
Take a look at these SHOES
ha try and accessorise those with your latest Mui Mui bag!!!
As I mention im a model haha..........I get stuck wearing funny and interesting clothes all the time (cough cough bra)
But sorry im not feeling these couture items at all.
So anyway take a lookie maybe you like them more then we do....... but in my opinion it looks like the womans foot has just kicked a white dove up the ass its hilarious.
Blonde came across them on a photoshoot she was working on a while back and had to share her amusement with I.
Wont say the designer don't like to name names =]
But i think if you would like a pair of these one off shoes and are feeling the credit crunch pinching on your wallet you could always go out and kick the next dove you see and hope it gets stuck to your foot without to much bloodshed.

I thought we were moving towards a more ethical clothing revolution tut tut maybe not.

A couple more to make you laugh......

wouldn't you just love to see someone run in those?
Twiggy x

Vain me no never!!!!!

Ohhhhhh how RUDE of me Twiggy has gone to all this fuss to introduce himself I started waffling on about pop culture...... I do like to keep myself under the radar a little ...... I don't like to bring to much attention to myself that's why I have Twiggy he dose all the attention seeking for the both of us ;p ...... anyways this is not a ying to my yang situation we are just two slightly obsessed fashionista's who are sick of talking to each other all the time and thought we would talk to the world hahaha

My day job is in the wonderful field of makeup and not just the beautiful kind I do all those gruesome spacial effects too (B MOVIES RULE)...... why do you always feel like a pleb when you talk about yourself?????

I will post some of my work when i get a chance but its 2am so i better get my ass to bed.

Love Love Love

Blonde haha

Hi im Twiggy

well. hello.

i am the other half of this blog i am twiggy :) here are a few pictures of me.
well now you know what i look like its time to get to the other stuff. Im a student and model and skinny which is why i am called Twiggy :) And Blonde happens to be my best friend. We met about a year ago and somehow became closer and closer (not that close ;] ). We are gonna talk about lots and lots of different things that will deffinatly entertain you. And you will find out more about us both as time progresses! how exciting...

Twiggy x

Why are we all GAGA???

So why has the whole world gone GAGA 4 GAGA???

weather you love or loathe her you have to admit GAGA gets your blood to boil.......
in a funny kinda way GAGA is ART the cinematic music videos, the slightly androgynous dancers who are awkwardly beautiful like GAGA herself.......the couture clothing Lady Gaga sports is refreshing I'm so sick of these high street hunnies.
> and her ever so her sexy dirty controversial songs ..... just pull you in.

I think maybe GAGA is singing what we all cant bring ourself to say after all we are all striving to be beautiful and rich..... and maybe we are a little bit dirty under it all :P ...I think GAGA is is here to stay.

Anyways thats my 2 cents on the lady of the moment......

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy

Love Blonde

The Begining

Bonjour..... Fellow Bloggers.......
Okay so you mite be wondering who the hell Blond & Twiggy are and what the hell this blog is for :) ahhhhh well my good friends, all will be reveiled in due course lets just say we are gonna start a Revelation blogging about fashion/music/life and whatever else takes our fancy ..........
whats new .... well this blog is run by two ...... one being blond (thats me) and one being twiggy (thats him)

We will update soon my lovers
B&T x