Sunday, 5 April 2009

Vain me no never!!!!!

Ohhhhhh how RUDE of me Twiggy has gone to all this fuss to introduce himself I started waffling on about pop culture...... I do like to keep myself under the radar a little ...... I don't like to bring to much attention to myself that's why I have Twiggy he dose all the attention seeking for the both of us ;p ...... anyways this is not a ying to my yang situation we are just two slightly obsessed fashionista's who are sick of talking to each other all the time and thought we would talk to the world hahaha

My day job is in the wonderful field of makeup and not just the beautiful kind I do all those gruesome spacial effects too (B MOVIES RULE)...... why do you always feel like a pleb when you talk about yourself?????

I will post some of my work when i get a chance but its 2am so i better get my ass to bed.

Love Love Love

Blonde haha

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