Wednesday, 15 April 2009

uh ohhhhh

Been a little absent minded the last few days ...... will update you all with the crazy crazy stories when I get my head round them my self!!!!! Comp winner will be up at midnight 2moz!!!!!!

ps: i have been playing with the cutest puppy all day long funny how you can fall in love so quickly!


Thursday, 9 April 2009

weirdest thing ever seen in the paper.

is it everyday you read about something like this?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Photographer of the week!

Our favourite photographer this week is a friend of mine. Vincent De Bon. From Belgium and France he is v talented in the photoshop world.. take a look at his website and look at some of his cool creative work!

Also a big thanks for creating the Blonde & Twiggy logo picture. It took him ages. hehe.

Thanks mate and all the best!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Blonde & Twiggy hit the town!

After a follow up from Blondes older blog post

tonight we will be heading over to Boujis Nighclub and putting it to the test!

Pictures to follow! x


"So what you got a crew ..... I got a crew to"

They mite not be street but this band have got a lot of street cred.......
There best buddies with the king of EMOs MR Pete Wentz and have appropriately named there new song.......

"Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous"

This is taken from Cobra Starships upcoming 3rd album and im sure its gonna be a SMASH (if daddy wentz has anything to do with it)

This is what im listen to on these lovely sunny days in London with the top down on my imaginary beemer and the volume turned up high :P

Blonde x

back to the 50's

classic style

... Well for mens hairstyles anyway...
I have started to notice on castings this hairstyle is becoming common esp with us Model types.
Although I don't like common darling.........
I think i mite be sporting a short on back and sides and long on top very soon.

A twiggy fashion tip - this style looks best on tall slim guys.
with a really TIGHT pair skinny jeans and some rocking boots think all saints ;)

(Bringing it kicking and screaming into the noughties)

Twiggy X

Monday, 6 April 2009

competition TIME!!!! jem and the holograms

Not that we are trying to buy your friendship or anything (NOOO)

But every week we are gonna have regular blog spots including COMPETITION BLOGS!!!!
This week the goodies are coming from ME!!! so of course there gonna be make up related. The winner of this ever so glam competition will get there grabby hands on £50 worth of Make up.
4 MAC products and one of those 24/7 eyeliners that I was banging on about earlier this week .

We Don't give away the cheap shit.

I have it all waiting to JIFF UP and put in the safe hands of royal mail ...................

It don't matter where in the world you are but of course there is always a catch .... to enter the competition you must become a follower of our blog ........

So here is what you have to dooooooooo Watch the above video clip of the uber awesome jem and the holograms and send us a picture of your JEM inspired makeup look. FUN FUN FUN
The winner will be announced on the blog next week so go have some creative fun x

Get those entries in to