Monday, 6 April 2009

Does being "Beautiful" mean more success in life?

I got into a heated noooo scorching debate with my dear friend in the ever so pretentious but slightly alluring hawley arms today.......

I said that usually being "really really good looking" will bring a higher chance of success in life maybe I have this opinion because my whole life is kinda surrounded by superficial beauty...... I see money splashed around at young dirty pretty things all the time.

She argued and said, it is 50/50 and that some people are hindered by being really really good looking ;p ha

my argument although kinda shallow is that if you are " really really good looking"

people are nicer to you
people do you favors
you get served faster
you get taxis faster.
Better Jobs
Dont have to wait in line
Get in to clubs for free
get free drinks
free tables
the list goes on
You're more likely to get married to other good looking people, have good looking kids,
and all that shizz.....
Its like survival of the fittest. . . . i mean you would not chose a bruised fruit in tesco???
Come on would you?

Her points include,

unwanted sexual tension
jealous backstabbing
Getting taken less serious
potential suitors getting intimidated

I say that the above is just bad luck and comes with the territory of being really really good looking (is that pissing you off)

I have decided to put this factor to the test...... I am not one of these "really really good looking people"
But I like to think i have a little bit of talent a little bit of wit and some charm to go along with it :)

But Twiggy of course missed the ugly stick when he fell out of the tree and was blessed with good looks (but no brains) (JOKES)

This week we are both gonna do the same things go to the same clubs and see who can get more Free SHIT ..... im gonna use WIT and he is gonna use what the good lord gave him....... BOTTY

So stayed tuned next week for the update.

Blonde x

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