Sunday, 5 April 2009

a bit OTT for fashion?

I'ts not just me and Blonde that think sometimes fashion is taken a little bit too far.
Take a look at these SHOES
ha try and accessorise those with your latest Mui Mui bag!!!
As I mention im a model haha..........I get stuck wearing funny and interesting clothes all the time (cough cough bra)
But sorry im not feeling these couture items at all.
So anyway take a lookie maybe you like them more then we do....... but in my opinion it looks like the womans foot has just kicked a white dove up the ass its hilarious.
Blonde came across them on a photoshoot she was working on a while back and had to share her amusement with I.
Wont say the designer don't like to name names =]
But i think if you would like a pair of these one off shoes and are feeling the credit crunch pinching on your wallet you could always go out and kick the next dove you see and hope it gets stuck to your foot without to much bloodshed.

I thought we were moving towards a more ethical clothing revolution tut tut maybe not.

A couple more to make you laugh......

wouldn't you just love to see someone run in those?
Twiggy x

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